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Can I have more than one Twin Flame?

   There is only one twin flame. Many ask can I have more than one twin flame/twin soul? Some even get a little upset saying they believe a person can be happy with any number of other people and there isn't just one out there for them. This is a misunderstanding of what the twin flame is. Yes, a person can have many relationships with many others, and some of them can be very fulfilling partners whom you relate to well. Just the idea of a romance or the ultimate good partner is not the entire concept of the twin flame relationship. It is much more than that.

We each have played roles with many soul mates or soul family members to learn and grow through lifetimes. It's often not until the end of this learning we become mature enough for the intensity of the twin flame union. For many that time is now. The twin flame is a relationship which always has, and always will exist in the being of the two souls. These two souls are unique tonal mates to one another and literally share the same larger soul unit. In this way they are each whole souls but also share the same soul as well. Regardless if they are single, married, older, younger, on the other side of the world from each other, or the best friend of the other's spouse! (Yes that happens.) 

 Most of the time one will choose to date or marry someone based on a bunch of traits and a feeling of love with that person. Each of us look for the best one and decide based on who we think we can get along with well. The twin flame relationship on the other hand is not something we choose. One cannot choose a person and say "I think this one is going to be my twin flame." The way we would choose someone and say "I think this one will be my next date. He has a good job and a nice car."

 The twin flame is an energy that is recognized within the person on a deep soul level. It is simply seen and recognized as only being within that one person, even if many things about that person are the exact opposite of what you'd normally pick. This is often the case! The twin flame may pop up in your life and you may suddenly find yourself incredibly attracted to them for no reason that makes any sense. They may not seem like "your type" You may even see things in them that if it were any other person you'd never give them the time of day, yet you feel deep love for this one. The twin flame recognition transcends all Earthly things of day to day life. The union is instant and many incredible, intense experiences happen. 

So the answer is only one is your true twin flame, although there are many soul mates a person can have a decent relationship with and be very happy.  

- Dr. Amy Queen

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